My general feeling about releasing content is that once it’s out, then it shouldn’t be changed.  There are a lot of reasons for this, the largest being that fans get attached to even the smallest details and changing them can upset the balance in some way.  However, I am making an exception with The Black Petal.  When it was released, I didn’t send it out for a final edit.  I thought at the time that releasing the story was more important, but I have later come to realize that this was a mistake.  It should be the job of the writer to make sure the best possible product is released even if said content is free.  Being free shouldn’t be an excuse to release something less than it should be.

For this reason, I’m sending BCC: The Black Petal back to the professional editor to correct some mistakes that I missed while doing my original edit.  What this will mean is that some things will change.  Some scenes will be a little different than they were, but the overall quality should be a bit better.  I am not doing a rewrite.  Like I said earlier, I don’t believe in changing the material on that level, but grammatical changes are fine.  The changes will allow us to feel better about promoting the series properly.

Later this year, the next installment of Blood City Chronicles will be released, and it will go through the process correctly.  If all goes well, To Live in Fear should hit store shelves late spring.  I appreciate everyone who commented about the first story, and I hope you enjoy the updated story as well as the second installment in the series.